Rupali Daga

Rupali Daga, Director and founder of Makeover Essentials (Image Consulting), is a qualified Image Consultant trained at ICBI. She is a certified Corporate Trainer, a Commercial Artist, and a Graphic Designer by education. Her belief that “every individual has the power within themselves which needs to be discovered to attain success”, has been the driving factor for her to pursue this initiative.

She has a passion and natural flair for enablement in the field of grooming and improving image. A keen learner, an ambitious professional, always ready to take up challenges, had been a finalist in Maharashtra beauty contest. She has been“Master of Ceremony” in many events. An astute Choreographer has successfully conducted many Fashion Shows. She also holds the distinction of being “Judge and Chief Guest” at various competitive and cultural events.

With over 7 years of experience in the service industry and having been designed various courses for the Women and kids in the field of Grooming, Training and Development; she has excelled herself in the area of Personal Development, Makeover and fashion styling.This field has made her an excellent professional to work on her strengths, some of them being her dressing skills, eye for detailing, being a good communicator and impeccable grooming standards. This combined with her life’s experiences of being exposed to the best of etiquette, deportment, grooming and protocol led to the formation of “Makeover Essentials” a company she leads.

She offers everyone the chance to achieve their personal and professional goals by building the perfect image; increasing credibility and boosting own confidence. She provides numerous, well designed & customized corporate,Large/Small Group and Individual solutions, on the matterof grooming, life styling, communication skills, corporate soft skills, make-up etc.

She always has a passion for clothes & grooming and been fascinated by the way people dress up and behave at various places, occasions and in different situations. She loves to work with people and help them see themselves as more confident and beautiful human beings

Through Makeover Essentials, her passion has become her profession!! Looking forward to work with you!!!!

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