About Makeover Essentials

“Don’t be afraid of Change, you may lose something Good but you will certainly get something Better”

Our appearance is nothing but, visiting card of our own skills, knowledge, beliefs,values and attitude. It says a lot about YOU and WHO YOU ARE! People judge you by your appearance and make assessment of your character, ability, socio-economic background and potential when they see you. Your personality COMMUNICATES without words. It is truly said “God made Men but the Tailor made Gentle Men”. Yes, the tailor-made designer dress for an individual can project him to look better.

The whole process of personality development is actually the makeover from the organized pattern of attitudes and behaviours which makes an individual distinctive. Personality makeover takes place by the continuous interaction of the temperament, environment and character, development of habitual designs of behaviour in adolescence and childhood.

We at Makeover Essentials (ME) brings together multiple facets of fashion, grooming, styling, etiquette, communication, soft skills, body language and more to project an authentic and appealing image. Hence while designing a customised solution for you, your  personal style, goals and budget are always kept in mind. ME takes you through an enlightening journey to discover about your visual manifestations who you are. ME is about Personal Development and Personal Effectiveness in all respect. ME is not just about addressing the outer appearance, but also about embracing and enhancing the inner person. ME enables people from all categories to look into the core of who they are and elevate themselves to even greater success.

ME works with Individuals, Groups and Corporates. Starting from the school age onwards ME lays a strong foundation of confidence to meet the challenges of life.

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